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I know its been a while but since im still seeing/reading some confusion on the topic let me….

hello venus was simply a girl group formed from trainees of two companies, that is Pledis ( after school/son dambi.. ) and Fantagio ( kim saeron/5urprise ) and their songs were relesad under Tricell media which is not a company like pledis and fantagio but a joint project by these two companies. good?

ara and yoonjo were from pledis and everyone else from fantagio. pledis decided to pull them ( possibly because of their financial situation and hello venus not being as successful as they thought they’d be, in my opinion its because the lack of promotions but ) and now hello venus is a four member group under fantagio….

-admin nana

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hello // venus // excitement // love appeal

like a wave

what are you doing today? // romantic love // first love // same // winter fantasy

would you stay for tea?// kiss me // just for a moment // again (ara solo)

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Artist: 헬로비너스 (HELLOVENUS)
Album: 차 마실래?
Track: 차 마실래? (Do You Want Some Tea?)
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Hello Venus - Do you want some tea

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no matter what happens, hello cupids will be with you always

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02/30 edits of wonderful kim hyelim

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